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Server Rules are :

The admins have decided on a set of rules that must be followed by players on our server.

Infractions of these rules will result in punishment ranging from being kicked to being permanantly banned from the server so if an admin warns you to stop doing something I would suggest that you take notice immediately and follow their instructions.

1) Play fair and have fun.

2) Obey the admins. Disobeying or ignoring a reasonable request from an admin will get you kicked. If you are kicked three times you will earn yourself a ban.

3) Report abusers to Jokers Forum at http://www.jokersclansite.webs.com

4) Do not team wound or team kill. Deliberately team killing or wounding will result in you being kicked and again three kicks will earn you a ban.

5) Do not damage or mine friendly vehicles. This will also result in you being kicked and again three kicks will earn you a ban.

6) Do not enter enemy main-bases. Entering uncapturable enemy bases will result in loss of health and death. In the event that you manage to find a way to avoid the death bubble you will be kicked ..... can you see a pattern developing here?

7) Do Not use abusive/aggressive taunting or comments. 3 kicks = 1 ban

8) Do not use racist words, dialogue or names. Here's a different one. This will earn you a ban. Pure and simple. We have a zero tolerance policy on racism in any form on our server. It will not be tolerated and anyone who thinks otherwise is not welcome on our server.

9) Do not use hacks, game exploits or glitches. See rule 8. If you are proved to be cheating you will be banned.

10) Do not use illegal copies of the game or key-gens. Penalty = ban. Piracy is not acceptable here. There is no excuse at all. It isn't as if the game is expensive. There are dozens of copies on Ebay right now for under 5. Just buy one.

11) Do not swear. This includes deliberately mis-spelling swearwords to get around the profanity filter. If you do this the admins will kick you. 3 kicks will ban you.

12) Do not steal vehicles from a team mate while they are repairing it. It isn't very friendly and causes a lot of bad feeling. Again 3 kicks will get you banned.

13) Do not base-r@pe or spawn r@pe. What we mean by this is do not constantly attack spawn points. This prevent people from having a fun game and let's face it that is what we are here for.
I would also like to clarify what I mean in terms of aircraft carriers. Bomb them, strafe them and sink them if you can. That is fair game. They all have anti aircraft guns and if the opposing team is too stupid to use them that is their lookout.

Air attacks on main bases in order to take out manned AA guns are also considered acceptable. Constantly attacking spawn points IS NOT.

However DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LAND ON THEM. That is clearly base raping and the usual penalties will apply.

These rules may be added to by the admins at any time.
Any additions will be posted in here before they take effect on the server.

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